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Testing Program


Pond Envy will only sell items that have been tested first

Do you have goldfish or koi pond? We are looking for customers that would be interested in a testing program for their goldfish or koi. Pond Envy will supply the items and there is no charge to you for the duration of the testing program.
Just follow the directions and then rate the item for others to see. If you believe it would be a good item for other pond hobbyists to use then let them know!

Please give Pond Envy a call and we will set you up on our testing program, if one is available at that time. Testing our products with our customers in their ponds is the best way to find out if our products really work or not.

We will keep everyone posted through updates on this web-site to see how this is working in your pond.

Pond Envy will only sell items that have been tested firstbecause our number one focus is on quality.

Success of a previous testing program

When we tested an item called MinnFinn-Max, on unhealthy koi, they became healthier again within 48 hours.

Our customer's koi had red spots on their bodies and some white spots and some koi had holes on their body as well as the spots. These blemishes had not gone away with all the recommended medication they tried in the past.

Nothing worked until they tried MinnFinn-Max. It is brand new to the market and not everyone is carrying it. If your fish are sick or sickly looking this medication will do the trick! You must follow the directions carefully. It is a one hour treatment only and is the strongest medication out there so far.

Pond Envy Stocks This Medication:
  • Small bottle for $62.50
  • Large container for $90.00

For more information about our testing program or any of our services and products, please call Pond Envy in Salem, OR today.

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