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Our Products


Quality products at lower prices

At Pond Envy in Salem, OR we keep the prices on our products low. When you buy products for your pond from Pond Envy you can save money versus buying your products from a larger showroom store.
The money you save can then be used for higher quality items such as our fish food imported from Japan or even more koi fish for your pond!

Price comparison

For example, most place around Salem, OR that sell Green Clean in the 2 lb container sell it for $32.99.

At Pond Envy's our price is $28.00. That's a savings of $4.99!

Our products

At Pond Envy We Sell High Quality Fish Including:
  • Koi: Reg, Metallic's and Butterfly Koi, imported and domestic starting at $20.00 & up.
  • Imported Goldfish for Pond & Aquarium's: Sarassa, Shubunkins, Oranada, Ranchu, Wakins, Pearscales, Celetials, Ryukins, Dragon Eye, Panda's,Butterfly and Moor's (we have Moor's in black or red)* starting $5.00.
    Bubble eye, Comets, Red Cap's $5.00 & up.
  • *Japanese Ranchu's are the newest pond goldfish out there. Be the only one on your block to have this brand new kind of goldfish! They are healthier & stronger than a chinese Lionhead. They look the same with wide bodies and big heads, if you would like to know more information about the difference in the two please drop us an email or give us a call, we carry all the colors.
  • Other Unique Critters We also carry: Pond Sharks, Channel Catfish (Albino or Blue), Plecostomus or "'Pleco" for short, Snails for your Pond or Aquarium & Mosquito fish.
We carry other colors in all the goldfish line: Black, Blue, Calico, Chocolate, Red, White, Red & Black, Red & White, Double Colors and Tri-Colors.
High Quality Food:
  • Fruits and greens: 2lbs 2oz for $28.00/ 6lbs. is $55.00
  • Gourmet Real Mixed Fruit: 8oz for $7.00
  • Japanese Puffs: 1300 cubes in one bag $27.00 or 2 for $50.00
  • High growth and energy: 2lbs 2oz for $28.00
  • Wheat germ: 3lbs. is $28.00
More Products:
  • Filters
  • Flowering plants from $3.00 and up
  • Legacy Microbe-Lift
  • Pumps
  • Waterfall spray foam: 1 to 3 cans is $18.00 each. 4 to 11 cans are $16.00 and 12 and up is $15.00.
For more information about any of our services and products or to schedule an appointment please call Pond Envy in Salem, OR today.

We Solve Pond Problems! Headache Free!

Prices are subject to change.